Thursday, 1 August 2013


TRM are proud to announce the release of the 5th Book in The Protectors Series by our very own Carolyn Wren.

The Widower’s Child is now available direct from Secret Cravings Publishing.

A big congratulations to our dear friend on an awesome achievement.



Jane Preston. Former school teacher and hostage survivor, turned covert operative…


Rescued from a traumatic situation by a covert agent motivates Jane to reassess her life. Having glimpsed the exciting yet dangerous world of an elite operative, she joins the protection agency. Now with her training complete, she’s ready for her first solo mission.


Undercover, Jane is assigned to protect four year old Amelia Foster, the victim of a kidnap attempt. She’s instantly captivated by her young charge.


Amelia’s widowed father is another matter. Philanthropist, Paul Foster, is stern, cold and a workaholic. The man’s an impenetrable fortress, seemingly unable to express a single emotion except anger. Despite this, Jane is attracted.

Another kidnap attempt leaves Jane convinced the threats aren’t random. Paul claims the motive is greed. Something just doesn’t ring true.

While her feelings for the solitary widower grow, Jane can’t ignore the truth. Paul is hiding something.


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