Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Snippets with Jenny Schwartz

Welcome, please tell us your pen name.  Your book title, genre type, and series name, if applicable.

Jenny Schwartz
Memories of Love
short contemporary romance

-3 words to describe yourself.


-3 people you would like to thank. 
Kate Cuthbert, Escape Publishing’s Managing Editor, for allowing me a crazy-tight deadline when I said I wanted to share an Anzac Day story.

Nas Dean, my Escape Publishing editor, who challenged me to confront the raw emotions of Ivan and Rita in “Memories of Love”. Thanks, Nas J

Danielle Maaitt, who I’ve never met, but who has provided stunning covers for all my Escape stories. Lady, I owe you!

 -1 sentence to describe your book.
In the tough times, you’re mates are there for you.

Excerpt:   Memories of Love.

“We’ll contain the fire, but we can’t save your house.”

Rita nodded. Part of her had been mourning it since she stumbled out of bed. There would be no recovering from this. Her mobile rang and she blinked to realise she still held it.

It was instinct to answer.

“Rita, I need you to come into the office. An emergency.” Ivan Novak, her boss, owner and chief executive officer of Tamerlane Security.

Late night calls were always emergencies.

Rita cleared her throat, feeling the harsh pain of the smoke she’d swallowed. “Ivan.”

“Did I wake you?” A touch of amusement lightened his voice. “You sound croaky.”

“My house is on fire.”


Heads turned as his voice exploded from the mobile.

A Snippet about Jenny:

Jenny Schwartz is a West Australian author and the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran. Anzac Day has a special meaning for her and she hopes ’Memories of Love’ shares with you the day’s message of courage, love and the celebration of mateship.

 Author Jenny Schwartz Website
Where to buy books by Jenny Schwartz  

Jenny, has generously offered to give-away a copy of, “Memories of Love”, to not one, but two lucky visitors. So don’t forget to leave a comment to be in the running. The winners will be announced here on, Friday 3rd May.

Good luck everyone.

Thank you, Jenny, for joining us on The Romantic Muse Blogspot.

Carolyn, Whitney, AP, and Jennie.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The House on Burra Burra Lane by Jennie Jones

Carolyn Wren's third romantic suspense book in The Protectors series, The Actress, released earlier this month. After which, TRM were in a rural romance frame of mind with Whitney K-E revealing the cover of her debut novel What Happens in Ireland (to be released on April 26th with Secret Cravings Publishing!) and then our Sunday Snippet author interview with Maggie Gilbert and her debut novel Riding on Air ... I though it the right moment to bring my own rural romance debut novel to the board!

Jennie Jones cover reveal for The House on Burra Burra Lane. To be published by Harlequin (Australia) digital-first imprint: Escape Publishing on 1st June 2013 (but you pre-order the week before!)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Snippets with Maggie Gilbert

Welcome! Please tell us your pen name, your book title, genre type, and series name, if applicable.

I write as Maggie Gilbert and my debut eBook Riding on Air is out now. It’s a Young Adult Romance with a rural flavour and a big focus on horses.

 Published by Escape Publishing

Three words to describe yourself.
Curious, focused, committed

Three people you would like to thank.

Well, it’s not exactly three, but I’d like to thank everyone at Harlequin Escape, and a special shout out to the cover artist who created such a gorgeous cover. Huge thanks to my friends and family for all the support.

One sentence to describe your book.

16 year old Melissa wants to prove her beloved horse Jinx is a champion before time runs out – but then the hot boy she’s crushed on her whole life asks her out, turning everything upside down.
An excerpt from your book, approximately 300 words long.
After that I couldn’t think of anything else to say, so we finished hosing Jinx down in silence. I wished I was one of those cute, flirty girls so I could threaten to spray William with the hose, but I was way too chicken. The only times I got him with any spray it was an accident.
When I was done, William turned the tap off and then he bent to Jinx’s near foreleg, cupping his hands around it and sliding them downwards, squeezing away the excess water. Watching William go around Jinx and repeat the manoeuvre on each leg, I was impressed again with how good he was with my horse. Perfect boyfriend material.
I immediately gave myself a huge mental smack. Don’t even go there, moron.
“Done,” William said, coiling the hose neatly back on the rack. I knew the next person would leave it in the snarled state I’d found it in, but I didn’t say so. Even though I’d (sneakily) paid plenty of attention to what William was up to over the last few years, I’d somehow missed noticing how much attention he paid to things. But I liked how tidy he was. Compared to the trail of boots and tools, empty beer bottles and dirty coffee cups my stepbrothers left around our house, it was a real novelty.
“You’re like a good fairy, the way you turn up when I need help,” I said, reaching for Jinx’s lead.
“I’m no fairy,” William replied and there was something in his voice when he said it. I looked up, suddenly aware of how close he was to me, his hand resting on the railing right next to Jinx’s lead, inches from my own. William gazed down at me, his eyes looking right into mine. And of course all thoughts just fell right out of my brain.

Where you can find Maggie:

Where you can purchase Riding on Air:

Thank you, Maggie, for joining us on The Romantic Muse Blogspot.
Carolyn, Whitney, AP, and Jennie.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

'The Call' with Whitney K-E

I was staring at what my writing buddies and I deemed the best rejection you could ever receive. It was from a well-known publisher who loved my voice, but deemed my story unsuitable for what they were publishing. I flattered and frustrated, ready to throw in the towel because I was so close! But the TRM girls stopped me. They encouraged me to submit to some more publishers and take a break for a while, to drop everything and go to Ireland. Then when I got home, I would hopefully come back to a nice surprise.

So I did just that and when I was sure that I’d done everything I could, I packed my bags and headed off to Ireland. After five amazing weeks where I gathered so much inspiration to continue working on my stories, I returned home, jetlagged but ready for action. The next three days were spent getting back into the swing of things when I got an email from my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing, asking for a few details.

My heart was in my mouth and I knew what the email meant. They were going to offer me a publishing contract! Excited, I sent an email back right and then an email to the rest of TRM. Three days home and I’d already heard some good news!

So the next few days were spent waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting and then the magical email appeared. Now, I thought I’d already experienced my ‘call’ moment. I thought, ‘well, that’s it.’ But when I opened up the contract, I really felt it. My hands were shaking and I couldn’t breathe. And to give you an idea of just how much this contract meant to me, I actually cried a little. And I don’t cry. Ever. But I did that day. J

And from there it was all go. I sent back the contract, I emailed off the blurb and cover art questionnaire and after a few days wait, announced it to the world.

I was finally going to be an author!

And the great thing is, whilst I’m busy and run off my feet at the moment organizing my release, I’m smiling the whole way. It’s both a terrifying and exhilarating experience. The first edits, the cover reveal, the first review… They are all things you, as an author, dread and can’t wait for.

So, I think that’s my ‘call’ story. I didn’t have a smooth ride to publication, though I certainly learnt a lot and am more than happy to have found a home for my story. The Rocky Road to publication is a long road for some, but in the end, you think of it as fate. Or at least, I know that my story wouldn’t be the story it is today if I had thrown in the towel when my doubts became too much.

Now, I didn’t do it alone. I had friends there supporting me the whole time and family too. Without my critique groups, my editors, my publisher, my friends and family, I wouldn’t have made it this far. J


The Novel:

What Happens in Ireland releases on the 26th of this month! You can join in the celebration of Whitney’s release via her Release day Facebook event and even win yourself some prizes including copies of her novel!
Ever wondered what happens in Ireland?
When Australian, Kate Barrow, meets a handsome Irishman in a Dublin bar, she has no idea that he’s about to turn her world upside-down and inside-out.
In Ireland to take on a position on a thoroughbred stud, Kate is shocked when her manager-in-co reveals himself to be the same man she’d met in Dublin.
Jack is drawn to Kate. The problem is, she won't have him. But Jack has always loved a challenge and the intriguing woman from Oz is one he cannot resist.
Harbouring the sting of another man’s betrayal, Kate is certain she wants nothing to do with love and nothing to do with Jack O’Reilly. But when naked torsos, Mother Nature and dysfunctional umbrellas start plotting against her resolve, she realizes the charms of an Irishman are going to be hard to resist.

The Author:

Hailing from NSW, Australia, Whitney isn’t sure what it is about Ireland that drew her to setting her novels there. A lover of horses, romance and rural life, Whitney can’t help but include all these aspect in her novels, bringing readers stories from the emerald isle to the sunburnt country.

A coffee addict and a romance junky, Whitney loves to connect with her readers and fellow addicts on Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter. What Happens in Ireland releases on the 26th of April, so prepare yourself to be charmed by her story and by her characters.

If you’d like to find out more about Whitney or her novel, you can connect with her on:


Twitter: @whitney_ke -

Her blog:

And the Romantic Muse:

If you'd like to win a prize pack including a copy of Whitney's novel, join in her release day blog tour and leave a comment on this post or any of those included! Make sure to leave your email address and each comment counts as an entry. The winner will be drawn on the last day of the tour. You can follow the fun on facebook:!/events/491411070916233/

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Snippets with Misha Tagliaferro

Welcome to Sunday Snippets Misha Tagliaferro

Please tell us your pen name.  Your book title, genre type, and series name, if applicable.

My name is Misha Tagliaferro, and my most recent release Tara of the Fey is a paranormal/fantasy romance.

3 words to describe yourself.

Curious, creative, inspired

3 people you would like to thank.
First off, I’d like to thank my sister. Without her encouragement, I never would have started writing. I’d also like to thank Secret Cravings Publishing/Sweet Cravings Publishing for believing in my work and giving me the opportunity to become a published author. And finally, I’d like to thank Kyle Lewis, my awesome editor who makes me grow as a writer every time I work with him.

1 sentence to describe your book.

When a fey princess is abducted by one of the Blue Men of the Minch, she must look beyond his blue skin to the man inside.

An excerpt from your book. 

The H.M.S. Fairweather glided peacefully through the Minch, heading due north between the island of Lewis and mainland Scotland. Caeden slowly moved his tail to keep himself steady in the icy waters as he kept a close watch on the ship, hoping for a glimpse of the young woman on board. He and his companions followed at a safe distance. If they were spotted too soon, it could spell disaster for Caeden and subject him to even more ridicule from his compatriots.

“Mighty fine ship,” Fergus muttered, a mischievous gleam in his eye. “Sure wish we could sink her.”

“We’re only allowed the girl,” Duirkin said. The chosen leader for this rambunctious group of Blue Men, Duirkin was an older man everyone respected.

Everyone, that is, except Fergus, who respected no one but the chieftain, and him only grudgingly. “Can’t we at least play with the sailors? Teach them to fear the Minch?”

Caeden missed Duirkin’s response, for over the rail of the ship appeared the face he had longed to see. Framed by flowing, golden hair, the delicate features and sparkling blue eyes gazing into the deep stole the oxygen from his gills. An emerald green dress of shimmering fabric draped her slender body—a body which had grown into that of a woman since he last saw her.

Although years had passed since he had been taken by the sea witch and cursed to live as a Blue Man, there was no mistaking Tara, his best friend and childhood crush. Her memory had kept him going through many long, lonely nights and given him hope that he might one day walk with her again along the shores of Garbh Eilean. So much depended on her acceptance of him now, much more than his companions knew—his very future was at stake.
Please include a jpg of your cover art.  A jpg of yourself, if you wish to.  The buy links for your book and any other personal and promotional links you wish readers to know.
Tara of the Fey is available from

Sweet Cravings Publishing:


All Romance eBooks: 

Readers can connect with me in the following places:

Thank you Misha for joining us on The Romantic Muse Blogspot.

Carolyn, Whitney, AP, and Jennie.

Sunday Snippets with M.S. Spencer

Welcome to Sunday Snippets M.S. Spencer.

Please tell us your pen name.  Your book title, genre type, and series name, if applicable.

M. S. Spencer. My latest romantic suspense/mystery is Mai Tais and Mayhem: Murder at Mote Marine (a Sarasota romance).

3 words to describe yourself

Introverted, inquisitive, idiosyncratic

3 people you would like to thank. 

Special thanks to Secret Cravings publisher Beth Walker, to my cover artist DawnĂ© Dominique and my editor Ariana Gaynor—bless your patient, flexible, cheerful, responsive, enthusiastic hearts!

1 sentence to describe your book.

Sea turtles, romance, Russian gangsters, pigs and parrots, sex, murder and money—not necessarily in that order.

An excerpt from your book.

EXCERPT (G): Mai Tais & Mayhem, by M. S. Spencer ~ Synchronized Swimming

Two banks of folding chairs created a walkway that led to a small, bougainvillea-covered cupola. Noah stood there, nervously twisting his hands. To his left hovered five beefy cops in full uniform, trying not to stamp their feet. Tessa had a fleeting vision of them rampaging through the crowd, slapping handcuffs on wayward guests. As the strains of Pachelbel’s Canon started, she began her slow march.
The sun blazed, resplendent in a cloudless sky. A slight breeze ruffled the ladies’ hats and lace collars. Beyond the pool, a great blue heron watched sedately from the edge of the marsh, while an anhinga spread his wings and basked in the late afternoon warmth.
As she passed down the aisle, she recognized Greg, Phil and Sue Conger seated next to Molly. On the bride’s side sat Elver Johnson with his wife and Leslie Pilchard. She noted with surprise that Semele, perched demurely at Pilchard’s right, had cleaned up reasonably well in a long granny skirt and peasant top. Behind them sat Henry Stillwater next to a young girl, whose fine blonde hair and skittish expression betrayed a close genetic bond to the dolphin director. Angus took up a back row with a group she didn’t recognize, including a tiny white-haired lady in shades of pink. Must be his mother. She gave Tessa an impish grin and waved a satin-gloved hand. Tessa wondered if Angus had told her about Fiona. Or about Molly.
Cameron was nowhere in sight. She took a deep, sad breath and kept walking.

“Oh, my dear, what a beautiful ceremony. I can’t believe how young Esther looks!”
“And not too thin! She used to be such a stick.”
This, thought Tessa uncharitably, coming from one woman whose blonde wig barely hid the wispy blue hair and another whose bulk had taken up two wobbly chairs. “Yes, happiness will do that.” She smiled and moved on.
The photographer had insisted that the formal wedding party pictures be taken poolside, so Tessa, Esther and Noah, together with five gargantuan policemen, crowded together on the narrow coping. As the sun began to set, the tree swallows came out to feed, swooping acrobatically around and over their heads. The sight of all those brawny men ducking and cursing as the tiny aviators dive-bombed their heads set Tessa off. A minute later she was not amused as the water closed over her head. She rose, spluttering, to see Esther, her little tiara askew, surface next to her. Noah, with his men behind him making encouraging noises, leaned as far out as he could to catch his bride’s hand. Suddenly, like a scene from Keystone Kops, the entire brigade toppled domino style into the pool.
The cops scrambled out, mumbling curses, but it took Noah three tries to propel Esther up the pool ladder. The minister helped Tessa to a lounge chair, where she sat, wringing out her sopping dress. She swung around at a noise behind her. Cameron stood there, his mouth twitching. “I should have known Esther would insist on a synchronized swimming event at her wedding.”
Esther burst out laughing. She turned to her new husband. “And here I expected that marrying a Noah would protect me from deep water!”

Mai Tais & Mayhem: Murder at Mote Marine (a Sarasota Romance)
Secret Cravings Publishing (January 2013)
eBook 64,848 words (208 pp)
Contemporary romantic mystery, M/F, 2 flames

Thank you for joining us on The Romantic Muse Blogspot.

Carolyn, Whitney, AP, and Jennie.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday Snippets - Samantha Combs

Welcome to, Sunday Snippets with, TRM.

- Please tell us your pen name, your book title, genre and series name, if applicable?
No pen name.  It’s all me, all the way.  LOL.  My newest release is THE DEADLIES, a dark and edgy YA paranormal.  It releases tomorrow from Secret Cravings Publishing.

- 3 words to describe yourself?
Creative, generous, driven

- 3 people you would like to thank? (For example, your publisher, your cover artist, your editor, or someone special in your life)
I’d like to thank my mum, Paulina, for raising us alone and doing it well and for being the best example I could have for raising my own children.  I’d like to thank my brother for being the biggest fan I could have.  I’d like to thank my husband and kids for letting me be weird when I need to, and understanding my need to write that all down.  All the time.  At all hours.

- 1 sentence to describe your book.
Being at the center of an age-old possession of the seven deadly sins, will bring Callie Flood closer to her dead mother than she ever thought possible.

- An excerpt from your book, approximately 300 words long.
The front of Holly Hills Academy was imposing, reminiscent of antebellum mansions Callie had seen in magazines featuring Southern architecture. As Callie stepped off the ancient school bus and watched the other students flow into the building, so perfect in their uniforms, she felt out of place. The scratchy plaid skirt and starched white blouse were so unlike what she was used to. She couldn’t ever remember wearing knee-high socks. She’d managed to salvage some semblance of her individuality by shunning ladylike black-patent Mary Jane shoes in favor of her beloved black cowboy boots. They didn’t go at all with the proper look of the girls' school uniform, but they were much more her style. They made the stiff, itchy monkey suit halfway bearable.
“Hi. You must be Mrs. Flood’s niece, Calliope. She told me about you.” Callie turned to find another girl standing there, dressed in the same ill-fitting school uniform. She had an armload of books and appraised Callie with a friendly eye. “My name’s Suzette Price, but you can call me Suki. Everyone does.” The girl did a little bow and finished it with a curtsey.
“Hey. I’m Callie.”
“I know. Your aunt plays canasta with my grandmother.” Callie gave Suki a close look over. Suki just laughed. “Oh, the already-knowing-you thing? You’ll have to get used to that. Haven Falls is a small town, and everyone knows your business. We knew you were coming here to live more than a month ago. Since Holly Hills is the same school your momma and auntie went to, we just knew you’d be going here, too. You’re part of a legacy.”

 About Samantha Combs:

Samantha Combs is a Southern California author with eight published books: Her Young Adult paranormal titles, the Global Ebook Award-winning debut title SPELLBOUND, SPELLBOUND's sequel, EVERSPELL, GHOSTLY, and WATERDANCER, a middle grade horror called THE DETENTION DEMON, and her adult horror collections, TEETH AND TALONS, WAY PAST MIDNIGHT, and HELLOWEEN.  THE DEADLIES is her ninth book and her fifth paranormal. She enjoys writing YA paranormals, both dark and light, and supernatural fantasy and romance, but it is her love of horror that started it all. Thanks, Mr. King.

When she’s not writing, she works full time and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. Her guilty pleasures include reality television, the Food Network channel and shoes. She truly believes she can accomplish anything if she has the right pair of shoes. And she adores totally inappropriate earrings.

Samantha loves writing and publishing her work and is in awe of the technological advances of our lives. With all of the genres there are for a reader, she has learned that writing paranormal and horror lets her share all the weirdness of everyday life in a not-so-everyday way. The foundation of a good story is all around her. All she has to do is….breathe.

Samantha loves to hear from her fans. Connect with her at the following place:


Amazon Author Central Page:


Thank you for joining us on The Romantic Muse Blogspot, Samantha!
Carolyn, Whitney, AP, and Jennie.