Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Snippets with Jenny Schwartz

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Jenny Schwartz
Memories of Love
short contemporary romance

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Kate Cuthbert, Escape Publishing’s Managing Editor, for allowing me a crazy-tight deadline when I said I wanted to share an Anzac Day story.

Nas Dean, my Escape Publishing editor, who challenged me to confront the raw emotions of Ivan and Rita in “Memories of Love”. Thanks, Nas J

Danielle Maaitt, who I’ve never met, but who has provided stunning covers for all my Escape stories. Lady, I owe you!

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In the tough times, you’re mates are there for you.

Excerpt:   Memories of Love.

“We’ll contain the fire, but we can’t save your house.”

Rita nodded. Part of her had been mourning it since she stumbled out of bed. There would be no recovering from this. Her mobile rang and she blinked to realise she still held it.

It was instinct to answer.

“Rita, I need you to come into the office. An emergency.” Ivan Novak, her boss, owner and chief executive officer of Tamerlane Security.

Late night calls were always emergencies.

Rita cleared her throat, feeling the harsh pain of the smoke she’d swallowed. “Ivan.”

“Did I wake you?” A touch of amusement lightened his voice. “You sound croaky.”

“My house is on fire.”


Heads turned as his voice exploded from the mobile.

A Snippet about Jenny:

Jenny Schwartz is a West Australian author and the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran. Anzac Day has a special meaning for her and she hopes ’Memories of Love’ shares with you the day’s message of courage, love and the celebration of mateship.

 Author Jenny Schwartz Website
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Jenny, has generously offered to give-away a copy of, “Memories of Love”, to not one, but two lucky visitors. So don’t forget to leave a comment to be in the running. The winners will be announced here on, Friday 3rd May.

Good luck everyone.

Thank you, Jenny, for joining us on The Romantic Muse Blogspot.

Carolyn, Whitney, AP, and Jennie.


  1. Thank you so much for the chance to visit, guys. Loved it!

    1. It was our pleasure, Jenny.

      By the way I really enjoyed reading, "Memories of Love".

      Without giving anything away, Ivan is one special guy, but I really felt for poor Rita.

      Hope you'll visit us again in the future.

    2. Thanks, AP :)

      and re visiting again -- just try and stop me!

  2. Ooh, this seems like a must read after that snippet! Exciting....

    1. I hope so! Writing it was a breathless adventure. I knew the story, but I had to get it down in time to make an April release date.

  3. I've got Memories of Love on my To Be Bought pile (the one that goes after the To Be Read pile!) I think Veronica Scott is right. I'm adding this story to my kindle Jenny :) Thanks for popping in - was lovely to see you here.

    1. The House on Burra Burra Lane is on my To Be Bought pile, Jennie! I can't wait! Now if people would stop writing must-read books, I could tame my To Be Read pile :)