Saturday, 4 May 2013

Where can I buy a book? And what do I need to read it on?

It’s traumatic, isn’t it?


Book Shops: remember those? Where a silver doorbell tinkles when you walk in and you smell the thick paper, the binding, the recent dusting and you browse the shelves, actually touching the books! There aren’t so many book shops left though, so here are some other places you can buy and read your book.
You can read your book on your Kindle.
You can read your book on your Kindle.

.com / - What’s the difference?

You might not be able to purchase any of our TRM books on if you live in the US, and vice versa. (Don’t ask us why.) If you live in Australia you can purchase from

Good news!
You can download Amazon’s Kindle for pc FREE (US, UK and Australia). Then all you do is read the book on your computer.

iTunes / iBookstore (Same thing, different possibilities.)
With iTunes you can read your book on your computer. With iBooks you can read your book on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

You can read on Desktop, eReaders, Tablets, Kobo, Android and iPhone.
You can read on Kindle Fire, Apple, Android, Nook, Kobo, PC, Mac, Sony Reader.

Lastly: the author's website or blog page or the publisher of the book. An internet search will (or should) produce the page and you can bet all savvy authors and publishers have Where to Buy links on thier sites.

Where do I find the best price
?  Check out the department stores and bookshops whilst you're grocery shopping, or cyber-shop around whilst the children are occupied elsewhere!

All that’s left is to choose where to read your book.

How about your comfiest armchair; in bed; in the garden on a summer’s afternoon; in the conservatory on a winter’s afternoon; at the park; in your favourite café; on the train/tube/bus (please don’t read whilst driving); at work (when the boss isn’t looking!)

Happy purchasing, happy pre-ordering and most of all … Happy Reading ♥

Carolyn, Whitney, AP and Jennie.

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  1. Thanks, Jennie, for sharing. That was very enlightening.