Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Snippets with Emily A Lawrence

Today's snippet features a steamy new book by Emily A Lawrence.
Available now. 

Please tell us your pen name.  Your book title, genre type, and series name, if applicable.

Pen Name: Emily A. Lawrence
Book title: Hot Dreams of a Lonely Soul – Book 1
Sequel coming out in August: Hopeful Dreams and New Beginnings – Book 2
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

3 words to describe yourself.

Passionate, funny, sometimes stubborn

3 people you would like to thank. 

I would like to thank Secret Cravings Publishing (Sandy Lea Sullivan), Dawne Prochilo, Theresa Stillwagon and Dawné Dominique for making my dream come true.

1 sentence to describe your book.

A hot erotic read starring an emotionally damaged former bikini model and her new boss, a sexy architect.

Excerpt –Hot Dreams of a Lonely Soul (Emily A. Lawrence)

Carly almost jumped when she heard the sound of her doorbell. “Damn it, who could it be at this hour?” She put on the first nightgown she found in her drawer, pulled a robe on as well, and rushed to the door. Her belly flip-flopped, and her breath caught in her throat when she peeked through the peephole and saw the man in her dreams waiting patiently on the other side of the door. She brushed her fingers through her hair in agitation, not sure whether to let him in or not. A part of her jumped up and down with excitement, but the other was frozen in place, afraid to be alone in her apartment in the middle of the night with a man she barely knew but so much desired. A sudden impulse made her grab the key and unlock the door, which brought her face to face with him.

She blinked perplexed, and the eerie feeling came back to her. He looked over her from head to toe, mouth partly opened. His hair looked as though he had been running his fingers through it, perhaps even grasping strands in frustration. He hadn't shaved for several days and the dark stubble lining his chin made him look rather scruffy. Even so, his untidy appearance still attracted her, and his now familiar musky scent combined with his cologne caused her insides to liquefy. “Mr. Benton, it is way past midnight. What are you doing here?” she asked drily. Shivers ran up and down her spine, as she clutched the doorknob for balance.

“May I come inside?”

Carly hesitated concerned, battling the fears she deemed herself powerless against.

Thank you Emily for joining us on Sunday Snippets, we wish you heaps of success with your book.
Carolyn, Jennie, AP and Whitney.


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