Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday Snippets - Carolyn Wren

To celebrate the release of award winning book, The Hostage, book 4 in The Protectors Series, Sunday Snippets would like to welcome Carolyn Wren.

Do you love secret agents? Determined females? Strong heroic men? 
Do you like your romance tinged with danger?

Leave a comment to win a free copy of this exciting new book.

Welcome to the Sunday Snippets.   

-Please tell us your pen name.  Your book title, genre type, and series name, if applicable.

Pen Name: Carolyn Wren
Book title: The Hostage (The Protectors Book 4)
Genre: Romantic Suspense

-3 words to describe yourself.

Scorpio, Positive, Short!

-3 people you would like to thank.
I would like to thank Secret Cravings Publishing for taking a chance on a new author.  Dawne Dominique for the amazing covers on this series, and my beloved husband, Guy, for his constant support. 

-1 sentence to describe your book.

A deadly female covert operative, known for her secretive and obsessively private nature comes up against the man she rescued, who is determined to track her down and learn all her secrets.

-An excerpt from your book.

He was kneeling. Although the word seems to signify submission, there was nothing submissive in the pose. His knees were spread apart to balance his weight, his body bent backwards to equal out the pressure on his spine the awkward position created.
Strong muscular calves and knees had borne the brunt of the unforgiving gravel floor with spots of darkness staining the ground that appeared to be blood. His torso was equally powerful. Highly developed stomach muscles, tattooed by grime, were defined by the upraised position of his arms.
His plight had been made as brutal as possible. His hands were clasped in thick chains suspended from the high ceiling, arranged at such a height that if he relaxed, his arm muscles and tendons would tear from the continuous pull of his body. To gain any comfort at all in his shoulders, he had to take his weight on his thighs. The strain of holding such a position would be excruciating.
At first glance, Omega thought he was dead. But then he would be relaxed and slumped. He wasn't. He braced himself in an effort to achieve what comfort he could, which was little comfort at all.
She could see the faint puff of his ragged breath in the chill of the room, and the shallow rise and fall of his chest. His breathing had been made almost impossible due to his stretched arms restricting his lung capacity. She knew he must be in agony, his face battered, one eye totally shut, his lips cut and bleeding. Looking at his hands, swollen due to lack of blood flow, she wondered if he would be able to use them if needed.
He looked like a pagan sacrifice, his head down, his body tensed and naked, waiting for some mythical god to come and take away his suffering.

 For all you kindle and nook lovers, The Hostage will be available in e-book format from next week at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, Allromanceebooks and Smashwords.
A print version will be available later this year (exciting!)

It is currently available on the Secret Cravings Publishing site.  But leave a comment and you can have it for free.

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