Saturday, 4 May 2013

New Release. The Protectors Book 3 The Actress

Carolyn Wren is thrilled to announce the release of The Protectors Book 3. The Actress.

A famous television actress trying to balance her fictional character and her real life. And an obsessed fan who cannot tell the difference.

The technical wizard of The Protectors agency…

Bryce Black can invent, build, or hack anything.  Preferring to leave the danger to his fellow operatives, Bryce is happiest at home designing gadgets, and pursuing his hobby of creating replica diamonds.  When offered an assignment to protect a fortune in real gems featured in a high rating television show, he accepts. Only to find himself falling for the beautiful lead actress. 
Katrina Abbott is walking away from her acting career without regret.  The loss of privacy and invasion of her personal life have become overwhelming.  The handsome security advisor with his fascinating amber colored eyes has her contemplating a new life, far from the glaring spotlight. But first she needs to film the finale of her wildly popular drama series. 

One female fan does not want the show to end, and has a very different view of what Katrina’s future should be. 

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  1. The Actress is a great read. The Protector series just seems to get better and better with each new release.

    Congratulations, Carolyn.