Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday Snippets - Virginnia De Parte

 Welcome to Sunday Snippets at TRM.

Please tell us your pen name.  Your book title, genre type, and series name, if applicable.

Virginnia De Parte
A Talent for Loving
Futuristic Romance

(The prequel to the series about the genetically altered Corban Family – no series name)

3 words to describe yourself.

energetic, imaginative and brave.

3 people you would like to thank. (For example, your publisher, your cover artist, your editor, or someone special in your life)

My husband, who is so proud of my literary efforts.
Secret Cravings Publishing, for having faith in me
Dawne Dominique, for her brilliant artistic talent displayed in my covers

1 sentence to describe your book.

Two people with abnormal talents must learn to trust each other and share their secrets.

An excerpt from your book.

“The surf’s building.  There’s a blow on the way.” He pointed to the south.  “See the breakers out there? They’re coming closer by the minute. I bet the wind gets up when they get closer to shore.”
                   She followed his gaze and looked out to sea before glancing back to the surf below them. Could that black dot be a seal? Or was it a surfer in a wetsuit? Oh God! No! She shook his arm and prodded his shoulder.
                   “Wills, is that a person in the surf?  They seem to be going out rather than swimming in. What do you think?”
                   Together they peered, watching closely until an arm was raised.  Then a flailing and the dot disappeared.
                   “I think it’s a child. Here.” He pulled free, tore off his jacket and tossed it to her. In a second his shirt came off and he’d stepped out of his trousers and shoes in one fluid movement. Another breath and he’d gone.  All that remained beside her were his dropped clothes.
                   He’d jumped.
                   She quickly bent and folded the garments, hanging them over her arm and tucking his shoes into the crook of her elbow she hugged all of them to her chest.  She stood up, her heart racing with fear as she guessed what he’d done. 
               Sure enough when she looked there were now two black dots in the surf, one larger than the other.  Already the surf had grown and running through the waves a channel of calm water cut its way out past the breakers, looking deceptively calm to anyone who didn’t know how to read the surf.  This undertow must have pulled the child out and she could see William moving across the surf away from the slicing strip that threatened to pick them up and carry them further out.

Thank you so much Virginnia for joining us today.  Please check out this talented author, and her book, A Talent for Loving at the following links.


  1. Excellent to see you here Virginnia! (I must say, the best husbands are the ones who appreciate our literary work!)Very best with your book.

  2. Thank you for your comments Jennie. I agree about the husbands! I have so much fun writing about these people. Finally I have found a use for my vivid imagination. Thank you for stopping by.